The Pregnancy Episodes

Episode 1: What happens to your body and why (34 mins)

A lot is happening to your body during pregnancy and it can be overwhelming. This lesson will teach you what is happening, why it is happening and how to help ease any uncomfortable symptoms.

Episode 2: What to expect from your antenatal appointments and the role of your midwife (18 mins)

In this episode we will talk about what to expect from your antenatal appointments and give you some tips on how to make the most of them. I will cover screenings, blood tests and your many rights. We will also talk about my favourite B.R.A.I.N tool and the relationship between you and your midwife. We're a team Mama!

Episode 3: Looking after your body and your mind (25 mins)

In this episode we will cover the importance of your physical and mental health during pregnancy. We will talk about food groups, supplements and takeaways (I love a good takeaway!). We will also talk about the highs and lows of pregnancy and give you some tools to help you manage, just in case you need them.

Episode 4: Mental health during pregnancy (40 mins)

The changes you are experiencing can be a lot to deal with, and hormones can affect your mental state. You are not alone! This lesson will prepare you for what you may or may not feel and where to find additional support if you need it.

Episode 5: Fear free birth (37 mins)

It is common for to fear labour and birth, especially with how it can be portrayed by the media. I will run through the top two fears and how to get on top of them, as well as a fear dumping exercise, that can really work wonders.

Episode 6: The role of your birth partner (23 mins)

In this episode we are going to talk about partners in pregnancy and by that I don't just mean your hubbie, boyfriend or girlfriend. It can be your Mum, your sister or your best friend. We'll cover the importance of communication and sharing your journey. We will also cover some relationship topics like sex so you might want to keep those headphones in, if little ears are listening.

Episode 7: Antenatal worries with Malene (30 mins)

If you are worried about what happens to your body during pregnancy, and during and after birth this lesson helps to prepare you on what to expect.

Episode 8: Physiotherapy (24 mins)

As your body is changing there are a few things you can do to support your body and help you feel more comfortable. This lesson with a specialist pregnancy physiotherapist offers helpful tips and things you can do to ease your comfort.

Episode 9: Kundalini yoga with Kat - Marie's doula (18 mins)

A gentle yoga practice to support your body and mind safe to practice throughout your pregnancy.

Episode 10: Your pregnancy workout with Robyn Nash (32 mins)

A pregnancy workout suitable for first, second and third trimesters with a full body workout including core activating pilates to support you and your baby.