The Birth Episodes

Episode 1: Overdue (24 mins)

In this episode we are going to talk about how babies are apparently not too concerned about the dates that we decide that they need to be born and what is considered overdue. We are going to go over your rights around your birth choices and talk about stretch and sweeps. I'll also explain all about what happens during an induction, how long it takes, what to bring and what to expect from the process - apart from a baby (or two) at the end!

Episode 2: Going into labour (40 mins)

This episode is all about the exciting beginning of labour, or rather, the unexciting beginning. We're led to believe it starts with a bang when in fact, it is usually slow and uneventful. There is still lots you can do during this time but pacing yourself is name of the game.

Episode 3: Giving birth (28 mins)

In this episode we are going to talk about what happens to your body once you go into established labour. We are going to go through the various stages in detail so you know exactly what to expect and talk through the benefits of having an active labour.

Episode 4: Assisted birth

Even the most well planned unassisted births sometimes require intervention. This lesson teaches you what to expect, why certain things are needed, and how to retain your control over the birth.

Episode 5: C section (30 mins)

This lesson will prepare you with what to expect from caesarean section, whether it is planned or is required during your labour.